Wildly accelerate your team’s revenue growth with the power of Design Thinking.

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Create deeper, competition-proof relationships with your customers and co-develop powerful solutions.

Liberate your sales team to blow away their numbers! Somersault Innovation helps organizations unleash their creative power to increase revenue by 100% through a process based on the principles of Design Thinking.

Super Charge Sales Teams

Develop creative, customer centric, sales teams that produce breakthrough results, and trusted relationships.

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Empower strategic account teams with deeper curiosity and a toolset that accelerates revenue growth.

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Watch customer loyalty skyrocket when you train leaders to create a culture that is customer-centric.

Design Thinking is a practical process that leads to innovative solutions.

A Design Thinking process starts with deeply understanding what people care about, and then using what you learn as your inspiration for innovation. In the sales process, this means discovering what your customer – and even their customers – care about, offering new insights and co-creating solutions with your customer. This process typically leads to increased revenue and stronger customer engagement.


Naturally curious and compelled to bring out the best in others, Ashley Welch and Justin Jones worked together for many years in sales and shared a common interest in Design Thinking. Inspired by the intersection of these two noble pursuits, they developed a unique sales training program – Sell by Design™ – that helps sales professionals crack the code on what we all know we should be doing more of—focusing on our customers, not on the hard sell. Ever since, they’ve been working with top sales teams to bring an innovative and creative approach to sales that yields nothing less than 100% increase in revenue.