Introducing She Sells by Design, for women in customer facing roles. Join us September 26th, New York


Somersault Innovation presents:

She Sells by Design

Optimizing Sales Opportunities through the Art of Design Thinking for Sales and Customer-Facing Women

Sept. 26, 2019

Palo Alto Networks, Empire State Building, NYC

Bringing Equity and Humanity to Sales

Join Somersault Innovation co-founders, Ashley Welch and Justin Jones, for a full day hands-on workshop to learn how to apply the art of Design Thinking into your sales process. This session is dedicated to women in sales and customer-facing roles who are responsible for building customer relationships and growing revenue in existing accounts.

She Sells by Design was created with women in mind to bring together and empower a group of awesome females to collaborate, learn, and network with one another! Women are typically under-represented in sales organizations and we want to help change that!

“I’ll be taking back to my team how we can really elevate our discovery and take it to a deeper place and put ourselves in the shoes of our end customer”
– Jen Mcbride, Manager Install Base Sales, Procore


9-5: Sell by Design Training with Somersault Innovation’s Ashley Welch and Justin Jones

Includes catered lunch with guest speaker, TBD

5-7: Happy Hour – Unwind and network with fellow She Sells workshop participants


Purchase your tickets today! Event Limited to 40 guests

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This 1-day workshop will lead you through the Discovery, Insight, and Acceleration stages of a sales process. Each stage has a mindset and set of tools. Specifically, you will learn:


  • The mindset of Curiosity & strategy of Customer’s Customer
  • To identify 4 prompts in conversation that lead one to expand the conversation to uncover motivations and interests
  • Four techniques for deeper discovery: Show me, Fly on the Wall, Deep Dive Conversation, Be the Customer
  • How to map the Human Value Chain so that you can detemine where value is derived in your customer’s system


  • The mindset of Agility and strategy of start small to move fast
  • Why and how to get feedback fast from your customer to accelerate a deal
  • The characteristics of a powerful story to use in your demo and beyond
  • The basics of whiteboarding to convey information and create connection


  • The mindset of Empathy & strategy of reframing
  • How to translate discovery data into new insights
  • The characteristics of newsworthy and revealing insights
  • The power of emotion in insights and how to share what you learn

“Being in this room with 40 women from different professional backgrounds has been really empowering”


You’ll have hands-on opportunities to practice with your peers, including an opportunity to ‘get out in the field’ and demonstrate your skills in the real-world.

Wrap up a fun day of learning with a social hour, and leave with more knowledge, greater connections, and a renewed sense of inspiration in sales. Plus it will be fun! Our clients have routinely experienced incredible breakthroughs in their accounts with these tools.

“It’s been a really powerful experience for me, and I highly recommend it to other women”
– Female entrepreneur, San Francisco

At a time when science is becoming increasingly important to sales teams, we recognized that the art of sales is lagging. Most sales organizations in the world find authentic customer-centricity beyond reach.

Why? Technology and business practices have overemphasized the science of selling to the detriment of its art.

And the cost is real, since at the end of the day people, buy from people they trust. We’re not suggesting you toss your sales science out the window. Keep using predictive analytics to identify buyers and buying behavior but compliment it with a toolkit from the design thinking space that’s been proven to deepen relationships, enhance collaboration, and increase deal size.