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Sell By Design

Driving Customer Centricity in Sales

We help sales teams unleash their inner creative power using design thinking to increase revenue and customer engagement.


Because sales people and customers are inspired when there is a genuine connection based on curiosity and empathy.


We teach sales professionals how to use the mindset and tools of Design Thinking, a well-known customer-centric innovation process.


Three month learning process that combines face-to-face learning and virtual coaching.


    Discover what your customers deeply care about.


    Build unique insights about your customer that inspire new solutions.


    Accelerate customer engagement.

What You Can Expect

Increased pipeline and bottom line revenue

Greater Account Executive engagement

Increased call connects

Account Executives better understand what it means for their client to embrace change

Greater trust on part of customer

Increased credibility

Problems We Help Solve

Declining pipeline or revenue

Difficulty getting call back from prospect

Lack of new logos

Non-differentiated approach from your competitors

Lagging engagement from Account Executives

From Our Clients

“Somersault’s real value is in thinking and communicating outside of the box while focusing us on our clients, and on our client’s clients. With Somersault in your corner, every meeting increases the probability of closing new business. That just wasn’t the case before.”

Jimmy Leppert, Kotter International

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