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Analogous Situations Can Inspire New Thinking
August 20, 2015

We took a leadership team to Tufts Emergency Center today and met with Dr. Hojman, who leads the Trauma team, and with Robert Osgood, the Emergency Management Director. See Rob’s excellent Ted Talk on Vicarious Rehearsal . This was a powerful analogous experience for a leadership team who wanted to learn about simplifying decision making in high stakes situations. We learned from Dr. Hojman and from Rob about steps they’ve taking to institutionalize individual and team capability to respond (versus react) in emergency situations, including their response to the Boston Marathon bombing. Our heartfelt thanks to Rob and to Dr. Hojman for an inspiring visit.


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“[Our new] model was considered very innovative and creative, and ahead of changes taking place in our organization. To be used as a model for other functions. Our offsite was a real success, and the entire team delivered in building this model for the benefit of R&D and the company and not for personal goals. So, thank you very much to everyone for the great work from off-site to coaching. It really paid off!!”


SVP, Head of Global Regulatory Affairs & Quality Assurance, Major Pharmaceutical


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